Find East Coast Classics Inventory on this page.  At East Coast Classics we buy and sell used cars routinely.  You are encouraged to contact us if you have any questions regarding our inventory.

Current Inventory

2014 Ford Explorer

102k Mi Police Intercept Vehicle $12,800.00

2013 Ford Explorer

‚Äč2013 Ford Explorer All wheel drive, 6 cyl. 125k Mi. $10,500.00,

2014 Ford Explorer- Gray

Maine State Police Stealth Cruiser Trim and Wheel Covers Added 121k Mi Power New Tires and Front Brakes/Rotor $13,500.00

2013 Dodge Charger SRO

2013 Dodge Charger 39k Mi $15,900.00

2011 Dodge Charger

2011 Dodge Charger 78k Mi 5.7 Hemi Power Windows/Locks Full Police Package Many Updates $9,700.00

2010 Dodge Charger

2010 Dodge Charger 82k Mi 5.7 Hemi Full Police Package New Breaks $7,995.00

2013 Dodge Charger White

2013 Dodge Charger $11,500.00

2013 Taurus  Blue

2013 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor 111k Mi $9,975.00 V-6 eng New Tires

2014 Ford Taurus Black

2014 Ford Taurus- Black 129k Mi $11,5000.00

2013 Ford Explorer

2013- Ford Explorer 125k Mi V-6 AWD Power Driver's Seat Rebuilt $10,500.00

2008 Ford Crown Vic

2008 Ford Crown Vic 113k Mi $3,200.00

2011 Ford Crown Vic

2011 Ford Crown Vic P-71 90k Mi Power/ A/C $7,995.00

2010 Dodge Ram 2500HD

2010 Dodge Ram 98k Mi New 8' Fisher HD Plow ($5,200) Power/ A/C Undercoating (Film Sealed) $18,995.00

2008 Chevrolet Malibu

137k Mi 4cyl Engine Power $5,875.00

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe

2013 Tahoe 99k Mi $17,875.00

2011 Chevrolet Impala Green

110k Mi. 6 Cyl Maine State Detective Vehicle (Not Used for Patrolling) $6,475.00

2011 Chevrolet Impala Gray

143k Mi V-6 State Inspection New All-Seasons, Many Updates $6,275.00

2010 Ford Fusion

2010 Ford Fusion 132k Mi, State Vehicle $5,975.00

2013 Chevrolet Caprice

2013 Chevrolet Caprice 73k Mi. $11,900.00

In checking the inventory, you’ll notice cruisers with higher mileage. These quality used police vehicles are hand picked.  The standard for maintenance is completed every 3,000 miles and most of these vehicles come from areas with at least a forty mile patrol area. The lower the mileage usually means the cruiser came from a small patrol area and has considerable idling miles.

If you have any questions on the vehicles in stock or you’re looking for a particular type of cruiser or if you would just like to talk about police vehicles, give us a call. We appreciate talking to people with a mutual interest in these vehicles.