1996 Camaro BC4 SEO

The Camaro B4C

1996 Camaro B4C, $8,995

The production of these vehicles were limited. 1996 was the last year they were produced. Only 228 of these vehicles were made for the year. The production of B4C stopped after this year.
Muscle Camaro’s through the years have also played a part in law enforcement.

Available only to law enforcement, it was basically a Z28 in RS trim. The machines retained the factory spoilers and fender flares, but the expected police-associated equipment was added. The patrol’s standard-issue shotguns were shortened to fit the Z’s interior. To be sure it could be easily spot, the B4C-equipped Camaro’s did not come equipped with the Z28 hood blisters or high-profile rear spoiler.These cars were a revelation to those police departments that bought them and the officers who drove them. They were no longer left in the dust but could easily pursue and overtake just about any car on the road, except maybe the Corvette or another Z28! Law enforcement journals began writing about the B4C Camaros and soon local and state police departments began including them in their annual budget requests. In that first year (1991) a total of 592 B4C Camaros were ordered. Of course, those eagle-eyed Camaro sleuths who discovered the 1LE option soon unearthed the B4C Special Service Package. Stealth Performance was born.